Getting to Know the Different Types of Weight Management Supplements

Losing those excess pounds can be quite a challenge. But fortunately for all you dieters, there are now plenty of weight management supplements that can help you achieve that goal. But still, what you need to keep in mind is that different weight pills work in different ways and it is very important that you know what product will work best on your. So here are the different types of weight management pills that are available in the market and how they work to shed off those pounds.


Anorectics are appetite suppressants that will prevent you from feeling hungry. Although this is an effective way of losing weight, anorectics as weight supplements also have its own disadvantages. Fatal heart diseases and conditions have been associated with the use of this drug. The drug was initially used to treat obesity but is now mixed into several products from teas to juices that let you limit food intake.


Just like the anorectics, amphetamines are used in weight management supplements as an appetite suppressant. The drug is also known as a stimulant, increasing wakefulness and focus. And just like anorectics, they are also highly associated with cardiac problems. The drug can also be addictive when used without the proper medical guidance.


Another appetite suppressant, ephedrine is one of the most commonly used substance in weight management supplements today. This is actually an alkaloid derived from certain plants and has long been used by Chinese herbal medicines for treatment of asthma and bronchitis. Ephedrine is also known to induce fat loss in humans by thermogenesis – or heat production in the skeletal muscles.

Conjugated linoliec acids

Conjugated linoliec acid is a kind of linoliec acid that is normally found in meat and dairy products. Recent studies have shown that these CLAs, when used as weight supplements, can reduce amounts of body fat. So how does it work exactly? It does not eliminate fat cells, but instead, it keeps them from getting bigger. Aside from that, CLA has been found to improve insulin levels and even the amounts of glucose in the blood.


Guarana is a natural substance occurring in certain herbs and is considered to be a diuretic. It also contains cocaine which is an appetite suppressant as well. But because of this, most of the people taking this as weight management supplement may experience palpitations and even the occasional tremors.

Green tea extract

Another natural alternative to weight loss, green tea extract is known to be an appetite suppressant and can speed up calorie and fat metabolism. Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis and now available in the market in powder form or in capsules. Green tea extracts also contain antioxidants and substances that help lower blood cholesterol and promote a healthy heart.

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